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4Patriots Patriot Power Generator 2000X We Champion Freedom & Self-Reliance


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NEW & Improved: This solar generator for home charges more devices for longer in a blackout. With double the capacity & more peak power than before! Plus, new expandable capability, for even more power. 

Worth its weight in gold in dangerous blackouts and charges in the sun. FREE solar panel included. Portable, silent, fume-free and safe to use inside your home.

  • [NEW] More continuous power… to run more at once
  • [NEW] More peak power… to power bigger appliances
  • [NEW] Expandable… add more capacity for longer run-times
  • [NEW] More outlets… to power more devices in a crisis
  • Power your fridge, TV & medical devices
  • FREE Solar panel included*
  • FREE Shipping

NEW & Improved Patriot Power Solar

Generator 2000X

Now With Double the Power To Protect Your Family in a Dangerous Blackout…

Hurricanes, wildfires and freak storms happen more every year…


83% of blackouts in the USA are weather-related. And power outages in the past 10 years increased by 64% compared to the previous decade.


Storms are getting stronger, too. When Hurricane Sandy hit… 21 states had blackouts. Recently, 325,000 people in Texas lost power for days when an ice storm hit. Folks were dumpster diving to scavenge for food.

As a nation… Americans aren’t adequately prepared. We’re so dependent on our electrical supply… that when it suddenly fails, we panic! People forget how to function until the lights come back on.


Imagine a blackout lasting not days, but weeks or months. Your life — frozen in time — right at the moment your power fails. 


Appliances dead. Food spoiled. No fresh water for drinking, cooking, cleaning… or let’s face it, FLUSHING…


This is not some crazy doomsday theory. It’s a real threat…

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When it Comes to Backup Power, Choose Wisely

Sure, you could get a gas generator. But they make a TON of noise — and draw unwanted attention when discretion is a must. Plus, storing fuel is dicey. Gas stations could sell out. And the fumes are dangerous.


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports gas generators kill more than 85 Americans every year. And injure thousands more.2 It warns that portable gas generators are among the deadliest consumer products.


And yet, the government refuses to do much.  And innocent Americans fend for themselves.


It’s clear… it’s up to you to make sure your family has the power, food and warmth to keep them safe, and comfortable, and ready for a crisis


You need a backup power source that’s fume-free and whisper-quiet.


So what’s the answer?

A New Generation Of Portable, Safe, Silent & 100% Fume-Free Generators

After months of hard work with our team of engineers in Utah…


Countless hours of testing, electrical engineering and breakthrough battery design…


Introducing for the first time ever our NEW & improved Patriot Power Generator 2000X.


A nearly endless supply of life-saving backup power when you need it most.

Woman and man sitting outside with the Patriot Power Generator 2000X and solar panel in front of them.


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